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Imagine. Inspire. Innovate. Used often, these stand derivatives to complex processes that hold true to a simple cause. At Bosch Limited, success has been inspired by the ability to innovate for life. This means that it has been and is ahead of its time when it comes to foreseeing what changes in the environment may affect business. A sturdy preparedness to engage with opportunities that are present now, to preparing solutions for problems that may arise in the future, is the company’s stronghold.

PictographTwo years ago, the research and development (R&D) team at Bosch Limited’s Diesel Systems realized that there was going to be a shift in emission norms owing to India’s renewed stance towards climate change. Since then, they have been working towards instituting crucial modifications that would prepare them for the switch. The tremble in the industry came in the form of an announcement of introduction of BS VI norms from 2020, skipping BS V completely. The transition from BS IV to BS VI was not just unprecedented, but unexpected by many. The Bosch team however, was in full formation. They not only had the experience of making similar changes in Germany with Euro-VI, but were also primed for the Indian market because of the preparedness and available expertise.

Emission revolution – a course of action
The synergy of competency, collaboration and agility has always proven to be effective at Bosch. A few processes were kickstarted – some working simultaneously, some in calculated progression. Take for instance the need to redesign the plug-in pump for fuel injection that enabled the system to meet BS VI norms. Instead of creating a design from scratch, Bosch used its experience and competence at multiple locations to come out with a single design catering to requirements at both Europe and India. This required an efficient collaboration between teams at India and Germany, unifying the designs using skill sets and resources already available, thus reducing the lead time in product development by avoiding duplication of activities.

PictographIn addition to the fuel injection system, BS VI would also require the exhaust coming out from the engine to be treated after being emitted by the engine. Bosch, in this case, has the advantage of an exclusive and highly competent team to work on exhaust gas treatment (EGT). To drive more changes that BS VI would institute, an army of trained experts would be crucial. Having invested in up-skilling consistently over the years, Bosch looked to reskill its in-house team to suit the transient nature of the time, customers’ needs, and technology trends. While some are being trained at various Bosch locations overseas under the “Train the Trainer” concept, others were trained here at Bosch centers in India.
In line with up-skilling, engineers are regularly deputed to various client locations to cater to the immediacy of requirements. This is necessary to effectively support the customer base, grasp problems at hand and solve them, apart from conveying the needs of the customer to the core team.

Competency – a driving factor
PictographA solid culture of innovation paired with competency and agility gives way to a responsive evolutionary journey that has been customer-centric and agile, internally. Forecasting future disruptions, preparing to lever these changes with the advantage of being prepared, and carrying out processes with precision – the ability to act swiftly in a short span of time reflects Bosch’s commitment and passion to innovating for the future.

About the author

Dr. O. P. Goel

Dr. O. P. Goel

General Manager, CSR & Head, Bosch Vocational Training (India)
Dr. O. P. Goel is an insightful leader with a strong track record of performance in the areas of customer service, channel management, vocational training, sales force development, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). He has over 30 years of experience in the automotive sector, now serving as General Manager, CSR & Head, Bosch Vocational Training (India). At Bosch, Dr. Goel spent 17 years in Automotive Aftermarket in various functions. During this time, he established the Bosch Sales Force Academy, which trains over 500 Bosch Sales officers and managers in 20 countries across the Asia Pacific region. Spearheading Bosch’s vocational training initiatives, Dr. Goel has been instrumental in raising the standards and visibility of Bosch Vocational Center (BVC) and launching various skill development programs for Bosch employees with industry-institute tie-ups.

Dr. Goel shares a deep passion for CSR and leads the company’s social engagement activities, also serving in the company’s CSR Committee as its member secretary. An acclaimed authority on Skill Development, Dr. Goel has been conferred with the “National Award for Professional Excellence” by the Indian Society of Training and Development (ISTD) and is an accredited Management Teacher of the All India Management Association (AIMA). An approved research guide at many universities, he has keen interest in academics and employability training for the less educated. He is currently member of the National Skills & ITIs Committee in the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). A mechanical engineer, MBA (Marketing) and a PhD in Training and Development, Dr. Goel is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore. If training has the power to transform individuals, businesses, institutions and the society, Dr. Goel’s vision and accomplishments are testament to that truth.

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