The Bosch security camera that never misses a thing

Imagine a scenario where an unclaimed bag is left unattended in a warehouse. The bag contains a dangerous explosive device and the warehouse is run by one of the e-commerce giants in India. Traditional security cameras will simply record the footage of this bag within the warehouse, and nothing more. But with the help of an intelligent camera, which comes with inbuilt Bosch intelligent video analytics, the warehouse operator can receive a real-time alert about the situation and avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

PictographSudhir Tiku, Regional Head, Bosch India Security Systems, understands the importance of security concerns for establishments of all sizes and knows that smart cameras form an integral part of the broader communications and surveillance spectrum. He divides the role of video surveillance systems into three key sections – to proactively combat against fraud and theft, to aid staff in the resolution of situational disputes, and to provide inputs that help understand consumer behavior better.

Securing commercial and retail establishments comes with a unique set of challenges and this is where Bosch India enters the picture with its expertise and effective video surveillance products. Led by Sudhir, the security technology team utilizes state-of-the-art Bosch cameras and creates a value proposition in the Indian market based on quality, solution approach and IP connectivity. The team is also intensifying the vision of making communication products in India and this initiative is witnessing sustainable progress.

Security cameras of the future never blink
PictographSudhir explains this scenario with an apt example – “A retail store usually requires a high-resolution camera that oversees the cashier. Other cameras spread across the store can also provide a bird’s eye view. However, there are always blind spots which can seriously undermine the reliability of even the most advanced video surveillance solution.”

This has been a traditional drawback with security cameras, and this is exactly the pain point that Sudhir and his team resolved with the range of intelligent ‘Bosch Panoramic Cameras’. These cameras do much more than just track and record movement. They collect data based on pattern analysis and then send it to operators in real-time for security that is close to unbreakable. They have 360-degree views, no blind spots and operate on central servers for images + intelligence.

In line with up-skilling, engineers are regularly deputed to various client locations to cater to the immediacy of requirements. This is necessary to effectively support the customer base, grasp problems at hand and solve them, apart from conveying the needs of the customer to the core team.

Global security expertise with a local twist

PictographSudhir and his team conducted in-depth analysis and market research to deduce that the Indian consumer wants three things – high-quality, affordable products, and ease of use. Focusing on a localization strategy now drives a substantial part of the communications unit’s revenue and since its inception three years back, this program ensures that products are manufactured and released in an 8 months – 2 years timespan. The end result is that the standardized processes set in place ensure the Bosch quality stamp, deliver affordable localized options, and provide an ease of use that is customized for Indian users and context.

Sudhir is well-versed with the mindset of Indian customers and knows that they “are very demanding as they will ask for multiple demonstrations, conduct a lot of research and also want live on-site installations. We plan to launch 10-12 locally engineered products every year and the commercialization of these products has been a major boost for us. We are also building on the existing Bosch Security Training Academy program that is freely available for anyone to enroll via the Bosch website, and led to the completion of 78 successful programs last year.”

By building local products Bosch India is innovating security technology where it is needed the most and providing customers with efficient and cost-effective solutions for their current and upcoming security concerns.

About the author

Sudhir Tiku

Sudhir Tiku

Head, Security Systems, Bosch India
Mr. Sudhir Tiku is currently the head of Bosch India’s Security Systems business. Prior to joining the Bosch Group, he was associated with GE Security. He was responsible for large product sales portfolio of fire detection, gas suppression and security products. He specializes in customer based business strategy and possesses rich experience in mapping security solutions to verticals and driving growth across teams and regions. Mr. Tiku graduated from REC Kurukshetra, specializing in Electronics and Communications as his Major in 1996.

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