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It is the year 2020, and Mahesh has been biding time and waiting for this moment all his life. He has put together his life savings to buy the first vehicle of his new venture. Over the past few years he has been dissuaded from owning a vehicle on grounds of it not being a viable proposition. And yet, here he is, all set to pick up his new three-wheeler. Once inside his new vehicle, Mahesh heaves a sigh of relief. It was exactly how he had envisaged it to be. His brand-new three-wheeler – fueled up and ready to go! Kickstarting life in his new vehicle, Mahesh is eagerly looking forward to the road ahead and supporting him in this journey is Bosch Limited.

PictographFour years ago, in 2016, a team of ten – headed by Markus Schetter, lead researcher in the pre-development section of Diesel Systems, sat at its drawing board envisioning this exact moment Mahesh is living. India was already the largest manufacturer and market for three-wheelers globally. And it is only projected to grow further. The government however, in a bold move to fight pollution, had announced that India will move up to the toughest emission standards of BS-VI from the current BS-IV by 2020, skipping an intermediate level. This meant that they had to act fast and act now. Thus was born – the Lean Electronic Fuel Injection System (LEFIS).

“My team at the R&D center works by forecasting technology trends and market needs. We foresee the requirements and correspondingly develop innovative solutions. When the government announced the shift from BS-IV to BS-VI, we knew that in a cost-sensitive market like India, customers would face the difficulty of being able to afford a fuel injection system that was relevant to European conditions. The challenge on our table was to design a system for India that would not just meet the stringent Particulate Matter (PM) and NOX emissions of BS-VI, but also be cost-effective and robust to survive the harsh conditions here,” remarked Markus.

Pictograph“LEFIS is a locally developed product that offers both, superior quality as well as the best value proposition. The LEFIS is a combination of mechanical pump and electronically controlled smart fuel injectors. We developed this solution specifically for the one-cylinder three-wheeler market moving into the BS-VI emission standard. But now we see the scope of expansion in markets outside the country as well,” added Markus.

Also working on electrification projects, Markus is prepared to respond swiftly to market requirements and to foresee customer needs. Electrification will make its first inroads in the two and three-wheeler segment. Markus and other powertrain development teams across Bosch Limited are engaging with customers to realize the future of electrification in India. “Our teams are in the midst of extensive discussions with customers, it certainly is an exciting phase for India’s mobility roadmap,” mentioned Markus.

The project is estimated to go into series testing phase by mid-2019 and enter 2020 fully prepared to meet the BS-VI emission regulations. Right in time for Mahesh to walk in and buy his three-wheeler at an affordable price, and that not just meets the stringent emission legislation, but also delivers an impressive fuel economy.

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Dr. Andreas Wolf

Dr. Andreas Wolf

Joint Managing Director, Bosch Ltd., India
Dr. Andreas Wolf, is the joint managing director, Bosch Limited. He is currently responsible for the Group’s manufacturing and environmental sustainable activities in India. Dr. Wolf started his career in Bosch as process engineer in Corporate Research and Development. Over the past 25 years, he has worked in several management positions mainly in manufacturing, quality, safety, project management and corporate functions as well. He has varied experience spanning across units, such as corporate research and development, diesel systems, gasoline systems, special machinery and drive and control systems. Born in 1962, Dr. Wolf holds a mechanical engineering degree and is a PhD holder from Technical University Dresden.
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