Ensuring safe rides, courtesy Bosch technology

The automotive industry has long been a barometer of global economy given that it is the leader in product and process technologies for the manufacturing sector. In India, the sector has been Pictographgrowing at 8% annually, which has of economic growth. Within this industry, the two-wheeler market has emerged as the most vibrant and transformative segment in India, primarily due to rising demands for safety and fuel efficiency. Two-wheelers also form an important aspect of Bosch’s business in the country, with the space slated to contribute around 30-40 percent of the company’s overall business target for the Indian market.

Ensuring safer roads in India
Safety is one of the most urgent challenges in the motorcycle market. Whether smart assistance systems or connectivity packages, Bosch offers many solutions that make roads safer for motorcyclists. And with its innovative research projects, it is already planning for the next stages of development.

Bosch’s strategy for road safety follows a simple but comprehensive three-step safety strategy for accident-free mobility; firstly, by keeping the bike stable in braking situations and acceleration; secondly, by realizing predictive safety and comfort functions with innovative surround-sensing; and thirdly, by connecting the bike with its environment.

In road traffic, even the briefest lapse in concentration can have serious consequences. Bosch has developed a collision warning system for motorcycles to reduce the risk of a rear-end collision or to mitigate its consequences. Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) and Engine Management System (EMS) have been designed specifically for Asian countries like India where the struggle Pictographfor efficient roadways is on. This also gives Bosch scope for more market development in India as the customer requirements are large and yet to be met. Bosch India’s two-wheeler team is also engaged in the development of solutions that target meeting global emission standards the foremost of which are the BS VI norms used across the globe for EU5 as well combustion technology, hybridization, electrification.

Bosch’s offerings in the automotive sector

At a global level, Bosch is working extensively on motorcycle ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot detection, forward collision warning. Its focus in India lies primarily on ABS, engine management systems. There is a lot of interest in features and functions in premium motorcycle segment (between 150cc to 400cc). Bosch is working on bringing user ride modes, quick-shifter and other such features in this segment. Also, the Bosch two-wheeler and powersports unit leads the supply of motorcycle safety technology and its Side View Assist is the world’s first assistance system for bikes. In addition, the unit supplies efficient injection technology as well as smart connectivity solutions and modern display instruments.

To have a foot strong in the Indian market and retain reliability for the coming years, Bosch has strongly supported in “Make in India” policy, be it products, solution or services. There are Pictographseveral examples in the Indian automotive sector where Bosch has made several products in India for India. This also has helped the industry diversify as well. Hence, Bosch’s efforts of providing hassle-free mobility and technology solution will give the Indian two-wheeler sector a better horizon. With enhanced safety features which aim to overcome existing drawbacks and make travelling more efficient in the coming time.

It is Bosch’s vision to create an urban environment that is free of emissions, stress, and accidents, an aim that is tied to three technological developments in particular: automation, electrification and connectivity. As the industry continues its move towards the creation of an accident-free ecosystem, Bosch is committed to realizing this dream within an achievable timeline.



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Prabhu Panduranga

Prabhu Panduranga

Regional President, Powertrain Solutions Regional Business unit Head, 2 Wheeler & Power sports
Prabhu Panduranga is the Regional President for Powertrain Solutions - PC Segement (formerly known as Gasoline Systems) in Bosch Ltd. since September 1st 2016. Currently, he also holds an additional reposonsibility of Business Head of 2 wheeler & power sports division in India. Prior to this role, he was the Managing Director of Bosch Automotive Electronics India Pvt.Ltd. He has been associated with the Bosch Group for 30 years, having worked in various divisions within.

Prabhu Panduranga was born on July 18th, 1964 in Karnataka (state) India. He is married and has two children. He holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Mysore University and a PGDBA from Bangalore University.

Career stages in the Bosch Group

1987: Joined Bosch Group (MICO) and worked at Naganathapura plant with responsibilities in different plant functions until 1995.

1995-2008: Worked with Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd. in R&D for Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for Diesel Division in various capacities. He was also responsible as Head of Department for ECU development (hardware and software systems) for passenger car segment for emerging countries.

2008: Commandeered as Regional Business Unit Head for Diesel and Gasoline ECU business at Bosch Limited, India.

2010: Assumed additional responsibility as Global Head for two-wheeler systems and business development in Gasoline Division of Bosch

2013: Appointed as Managing Director in Bosch Automotive Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.

2016: Took over as Regional President of Gasoline Systems India & Regional Business responsibility of 2 Wheeler & Powersports India.

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