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To ensure a worry-free and well-connected two-wheeler environment for you and your family, Bosch India went beyond office walls to the street, made the customers experience the new solution, collected Pictographfeedback and developed an award-winning product called the Lean Connectivity Unit (LCU).

A scooter, the gearless companion used by everybody alike in the family, has the talent to transform an everyday errand to a convenient and comfortable mission. However, while you, a sibling or an elder is navigating the city streets post sunset, safety is a concern that refuses to leave your mind. Bosch India has developed a new product, the Lean Connectivity Unit (LCU), to help you beat this concern.

PictographFueled by the passion to change the way we ride two-wheelers, the Bosch team across entities collaborated, to develop a solution that offers the ease and comfort of connectivity. Dilip Saha, who led the product development explains, “The small team from multiple Bosch entities went beyond the boundaries of their office walls and dug deeper into the two-wheeler market to understand the requirements of prospective customers, rather than going by assumptions.” They operated like a start-up. Based on the insights from the user experience study, the Bosch team developed a device for addressing the safety and connectivity concerns of the market.

Based on the continuous learnings from target customers and OEMs, the product Lean Connectivity Unit (LCU) was further refined and improved,” says Rajaram Kharoshe, System Architect.

PictographLCU, an add-on feature for scooters and small motorcycles, establishes a connection between the vehicle and the user’s smartphone, allowing them to make emergency calls with a switch and send coordinates of the vehicle to a pre-set contact in case of an emergency. Additionally, the unit is capable of detecting an accident in case of a collision or a fall and then sending a message to the emergency contact without human interference. This solution was conceptualized and developed within 12 months through multiple short sprints and lean concepts. The team developed the product as per Bosch quality standards and also delivered it in quick turnover time.

Fairly simple in design, the Lean Connectivity Unit is easy to fit on the two-wheeler and to navigate during travel. “Connectivity should not be the privilege of the elite. We want the solution to be accessible to the users at the bottom of the pyramid“, says Manohar Halahalli, who leads marketing and business development for the two-wheeler division. The team aims to sell the product to a larger audience and they will be available over the counter at an affordable price. Thus, be assured that LCU will lend a helping hand to an 18-year old rider and a 50-year old rider, alike.

PictographThe simple yet life-changing unit – a product conceptualized and developed for the Indian market – has the potential to proliferate in emerging markets such as ASEAN countries, Latin America and the African continent as well. “Anybody can develop a basic connectivity device like the LCU. But our domain experience has helped us understand the customer’s needs better and enhance the product accordingly“, says Manohar.

The Bosch India team is on a relentless pursuit to offer a product that caters to the evolving requirements of the scooter market. By continuously validating their ideas and refining the product with additional features, such as a digital signature to unlock the vehicle, hands free telephony and a phone charger. The Bosch team is enabling the two-wheeler market transition to a connected world.

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Navin Paul

Navin Paul

Executive vice-president, Mobility Solutions sales and marketing, Bosch India
Mr. Navin Paul joined Bosch India in 1995 and assumed his current role as executive vice-president, Mobility Solutions sales and marketing, Bosch India, since April 2009. Prior to joining Bosch he had a consolidated work experience of 16 years spanning various Auto OEMs.

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