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Population growth in India over the past few years has become an important catalyst for a multitude of industries. With more than 1.3 billion people residing in the country and this figure slated to only grow over time, the Indian government now needs to focus on its transportation and commuting needs to cater to a population that is constantly on the move. A well-organized transport system is vital for the sustainable economic advancement of the country and plays an important part in encouraging national and global amalgamation.

PictographIt has become necessary for the government to explore the horizons of smart surveillance and security solutions as growing footfalls have increased security concerns as well. Public transportation such as railways stations, metro stations, airports etc. have become progressively populated. In 2017, India’s civil aviation market handled 295 million travelers across its 449 airports. Thus, the security industry will need to continue revolutionizing its contributions to support create a safe environment.

There has also been a parallel increase in major security threat risks, making it vital for public transport hubs to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Bosch recognizes this need and provides solutions for such critical security services. Using its expertise in automation and IoT technologies, the company continues to effectively contribute to the building of smart infrastructure across India. In the urban transportation space, wellbeing and security are key concerns and Bosch’s arrangement-based methodologies can help handle these concerns. Through unified Building Integration Systems, Bosch conveys more prominent security and quicker crisis reaction. Our different items are incorporated on a consistently advanced stage which enables individuals to get from one place to another securely. Business dynamics are changing because of the disruption in digital transportation. It has enabled the companies to have better customer engagement along with the improved travel experience.
Bosch comes in with its brilliant security arrangements that are adroit at giving coordinated advanced administrations to change the country’s security frameworks. Its Security Systems division is at the forefront in providing world-class safety solutions in India across airports, metro stations, sports stadiums, and other critical infrastructure. It is providing IP-based cameras, PA systems, fire detection and more. Some of Bosch’s key security solutions are:


  • Intelligent cameras with analytics with features such as Ultra-HD enhanced BVMS (Bosch video management software) and focus on analytics, data retrieval, and data redundancy
  • Secure access control and intelligent displays
  • Public address and evacuation setups
  • All integrated into one command and control software
  • Customers can view, retrieve and analyze audio, video, and data for safety and security

Big Data is vital in this issue since it indicates patterns and changes over useless video content into an insightful video which can be utilized for anticipating models and staying away from manual work of taking a gander at screens. Bosch is building innovation of things to come and gives a savvy examination to empower customers to make quicker and progressively successful business choices.

Data Analytics is another aspect that Bosch excels in as part of its endeavor to fast-forward smart transportation, with the use of dispersed record framework and parallel figuring to empower quick preparing of information. With the two being joined for transport investigation, it is equipped for understanding extensive ongoing traffic information streams and in addition supporting substantial scale traffic recreation. At the point when an episode or blockage happen on a noteworthy street, almost certainly, the traffic of the encompassing zone will be influenced. Early forecast of the adjacent clogged streets to dodge is essential in choosing the ideal course for the drivers to keep away from the region and particularly for crisis vehicles to achieve the site.

PictographThis is crucial, as many of us may have witnessed the use of video surveillance technology in the past, however, needless to say, its usage has so far been sporadic and unsatisfactory in some cases. But all that is set to change with the onset of smart cities, where buildings will be specifically designed to accommodate advanced technology and installing video surveillance solutions will become imperative. In addition, we will also notice that the application and importance of video surveillance will move from just security to tracking, monitoring, crime-prevention, disaster-prevention, among many others. With the advent of technology, we can now see how innovative analytics tools, sensor technology, and artificial intelligence can be added to both existing and new surveillance installations.

Digital transportation is empowering our society and is moving towards a revolutionized economy. It has opened doors for both transportation companies and the commuters. The government in India needs to understand that every city has its own unique infrastructure. We require an in-depth study of the challenges and opportunities for each of these cities. The focus needs to be on providing a holistic solution to maximize the efficiency of these technologies.

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Sudhir Tiku

Sudhir Tiku

Head, Security Systems, Bosch India
Mr. Sudhir Tiku is currently the head of Bosch India’s Security Systems business. Prior to joining the Bosch Group, he was associated with GE Security. He was responsible for large product sales portfolio of fire detection, gas suppression and security products. He specializes in customer based business strategy and possesses rich experience in mapping security solutions to verticals and driving growth across teams and regions. Mr. Tiku graduated from REC Kurukshetra, specializing in Electronics and Communications as his Major in 1996.

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