Redefining retail with technology solutions

The Indian retail industry, driven by urbanization, digital transformation and a strong telecom network, is expected to touch the $1 trillion mark, almost a 50 percent increase from the current $600 billion, by 2020, according to a study published by Forrester Research. This rapid increase puts forth the need for retailers across the country to adopt innovations in the IoT space to provide a holistic experience for their customers.

Data collected from IoT solutions will provide real-time insights and help retailers improve the current market scenario in India by focusing on reducing costs, increasing revenues, increasing operational efficiency and improving customer experience. Thus, by embedding IoT sensors and devices in day-to-day activities, retailers can enhance the five pillars of a retail store – operations, securities, marketing and customer management. Bosch India, by integrating software, sensors and services, has developed a range of IoT solutions to help retailers across the country in this endeavour.

Poor quality of food products, unhygienic store environment, lift failure, inadequate parking spaces and long checkout timings are few of the operational glitches that may occur across logistics, energy bills, and planning departments. IoT solutions focused on improving customer convenience such as fleet and package tracking solutions, supply chain logistics with RFID solutions, cold chain monitoring, energy monitoring and analytics, and indoor-outdoor air quality monitoring are offered by Bosch India to help retailers tackle these operational difficulties.

From quick support to emergency handling, retailers should be equipped with best-in-class technology to ensure the safety of their customers. The level of danger may vary from a parked car blocking the way to an unfortunate in-store theft. IoT solutions developed by Bosch India to address these issues – Intelligent video analytics, Footfall counting, classification, dwell and path analysis, fire detectors, and alarm systems – will offer a safe and secure environment for customers.

In-store Marketing
Customer retention can be improved through promotions, in-store attractions, loyalty programmes and competitive pricing. By analysing the data harvested from IoT sensors and devices, retailers can further improve in-store marketing strategies and subsequently improve the rate of customer retention. To enable this, Bosch India offers solutions such as personalisation and smart shopping services, indoor localisation services and user experience design.

Efficient usage of assets, transparency and decreased downtime to avoid ambiguous situations, and warning signals before asset downtime will help retailers improve their maintenance services. Asset management services, predictive analytics, maintenance digitization services and in-store analytics are solutions developed by Bosch India to help retailers achieve this.

PictographCustomer Management
Convenience, value for money, variety of products, accessibility and product information attract customers to a retail store. Enhancing customer experience through good operations, security, marketing and maintenance will not suffice, if the aforementioned elements are neglected. Quick assist service, product location finder and blockchain facility, which facilitates secure online transaction, are offered by Bosch India to enhance the customer management vertical in a retail store.

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Gnana Kumara Swamy

Gnana Kumara Swamy

Senior Product Manager, Internet of Things and Product Management, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd.
He has been associated with Bosch for ten years now. Within the company he was previously the Senior Manager for Real-time Application Engineering Group (RTA).

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