Machines/ Assets can talk!

Pictograph A connected world with 50 billion devices by 2020 where all your assets/machines can talk!

IMAGINE if elevators, compressors, HVAC, pumps, turbines, exhaust fans, coffee machines, packaging machines etc., could convey to the owner of the asset about its performance and productivity, like self-appraisal for yearly reviews!

IMAGINE if it could give you the following information –

  • How much energy the asset/machine consumes.
  • When the asset needs servicing / maintenance to change the oil, filters, etc.
  • How the machine enables the owner to increase his bottom-line and profits.
  • If the machine is overloaded, can the asset handle the current load?
  • If the asset is less-loaded, how the machine can increase asset utilization.

Pictograph What if I told you to not just IMAGINE this but believe that it could be possible? BOSCH is enabling Intelligent Asset Management (MANAS) through its 3S approach (Sensor, Software and Service) where imagination will now be a reality with real-time monitoring of assets, preventive and predictive maintenance. Not just this, here is how the MANAS solution would give way for the asset to have a conversation with and match the needs of the owner

  • The owner has a budget plan, the machine would consume optimal energy in accordance with plan.
  • Machine would provide time stamps and photos as to how well and in what condition it is performing. This removes the need for manual checks.
  • The machine can predict when the gear oil must be changed, when machine need to be serviced.
  • Machine would ask the owner to balance the load, so that the asset can run for a longer time and increase profits and top-line

While the digitization of assets offers a huge billion-dollar opportunity through IoT (Internet of Things), it enables value based solutions from BOSCH to dissolve common day-day problems faced by asset/machine owners. The MANAS solution came about when BOSCH believed that working towards creating a Problem Solution Fit, Market Fit & Business Fit was a way to meet customer demands. With clear-cut business impact to customers, MANAS meets major market demands in various segments like

  • Retail
  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Build & Infrastructure
  • Food & Packaging
  • Mining

PictographAll these markets segments are focusing on saving energy, maintenance digitization, remote monitoring, increasing transparency, and predictive maintenance to enable OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).BOSCH with its MANAS solution is armed with Advanced Machine Learning and AI algorithms to predict and enable predictive maintenance, so that assets can have a more productive conversation with the owner.

Transformers! I Robot! Look at how these movies have predicted the future. Although exaggerated for fictitious purposes, the crux remains the same. Connected devices, machine to human and finally machine to machine interface – Industry 4.0 is a bright future. At BOSCH, we are leading the way with MANAS. Think of us as Radiologists for machines – we do ECGs, and X-RAYs. We look at providing Sensors, Software and offering Services automated to detect machine imbalance, shaft misalignment, structural or rotating looseness, pump cavitation, late stage bearing wear, early stage bearing defects and gearbox problems in addition to low frequency defects. We let the machines do the talking!

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Gnana Kumara Swamy

Gnana Kumara Swamy

Senior Product Manager, Internet of Things and Product Management, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd.
He has been associated with Bosch for ten years now. Within the company he was previously the Senior Manager for Real-time Application Engineering Group (RTA).
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