Digital is a very Analog Journey!

PictographFrom the milkman delivering milk early in the morning to the flower lady at the corner of the street accepting Paytm money to the rapid keystrokes of my wife ordering a week’s worth of groceries in 15seconds flat, the well dressed and full suited top paid gentlemen standing on a street corner next to a pile of carelessly strewn garage waiting for his UberPool and joining probably two fresh engineers on basic wages, digital has created and enveloped the businesses into an equalizing ecosystem all around us. The users jumping happily on the bandwagon created by creative and enterprising start-ups, are expanding their access to ever growing, ever aware, ever demanding paying public.

This however didn’t happen overnight. Definitely not!

Digital is a very Analogous Journey

Of course! It is a no brainer statement. On the lighter side, for the geeks, it is a technically correct statement. Digital is actually an Analog value. There is a definite time needed for the value to go from a zero to a one. A digital one is an analog value registered as a set flag in the silicon. We could go on about this but we are not talking about electronics here.

Actually, we are!

PictographDigital is mostly Electronics and Software. The brilliant progression of Compute power, Connectivity speed and the human power of Ideation has created this amazing world of possibilities that we are calling as Digital. The bits and bytes flipping over one another in a choreographed set of intelligent sequences is making the everyday digital experience all look so easy. Except Geeks, no one would know that behind that Uber app that we term as one of the great digital world innovations, there is a huge amount of analog activity that went into creating it. The Digital app took many months of thinking, ideating, conceptualizing and years of learning, hearing and tweaking of features to get here. It didn’t happen overnight. It took time. It was an Analog journey to get to that Digital world.

It took Analog to go Digital!

The term Digital is a lot of pressure. Pressure of getting it right, getting users to participate, to like, getting customers to join in, getting customers to stay, getting more customers and more Pictographand more. Digital has been on the air for quite some time now and there is definitely the pressure of being left out in what is a remarkable transformation across all industries.
Transformation takes time, it takes effort and it takes a lot of hard work. It is a slow and tough journey! It will NOT happen overnight. Definitely not!

Digital is a long and arduous Analog Journey!

However the hype and the pressure of digital is definitely a psychological nightmare to everyone living the other life of thinking about creation of digital platforms.


What has psychology got to do with the digital world? Everything! There is today, an unseen and invisible pressure to go digital and if you don’t you are Kodaked literally. Kodak has become a four letter word for not doing the right thing at the right time. It has become an inflection point in business circles today and moving at a very rapid analogous pace. But is going Digital a Kodak decision? Is it everything? Will not accepting Digital lead us to lose out in the economy?


Digital allows access to information at your fingertips. That much is the easy part. But what kind of information excites a customer and incentivizes him to make that crucial or important action of converting it into a actionable topics? Increase personnel productivity, leverage automation, allow machines to take business decisions
The topic of digital is all about understanding the psyche of users, of consumers, of engineers and managers. How does one consume information, what kinds, when and at what frequency. How is this information leveraged to make decisions, turn a corner, a page, halt something, accelerate something, go slow – anything. Flip the same question to the “Things” generating this information and you have to decide what to sense, measure, analyze and when to do that and at what frequency and what detail. How does one get this “Thing” now to get into the right place to collect and broadcast this Pictographinformation. Now that’s the tricky part and that’s again an analog journey.

No short cuts there!
What I wanted to convey in this blog was primarily to state the unsaid but obvious truth that it a difficult journey to go digital and that you have to navigate the circuitous roads and the steep climb and the occasional cliff crossing to get there. So get started and start the journey. Let me know how that went!!

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Uday Haleangadi Prabhu

Uday Haleangadi Prabhu

General manager, Internet of Things and Product Management, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd.
He has been associates with Bosch for over six year now. Within the company he was previously the head of the department for the Electronics Division.

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