Leveraging Bosch’s dual-strategy for the Factories of the Future

The connected world has come a long way. In 1995, for instance, only 15 million people around the world had internet access and in 1997, only 6 million connected computers were around. Compare that with projections for 2020 – with 7 billion connected people and 50 billion connected devices – and the immense progress being made becomes clear.

The impact of this connectivity is being seen in the manufacturing space as well. More and more industries are adopting smart manufacturing solutions to improve operations and productivity, and Bosch is well-placed to capitalise on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and leave a lasting impact. With the aim of making Bosch facilities some of the iconic factories of the future, we are leveraging a unique dual-strategy by becoming a leading user and provider of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing solutions.

The merits of India’s enabling ecosystem

PictographInitiatives by the government are encouraging India to become one of the world’s leading ecosystems for smart manufacturing and I4.0 solutions. With macro initiatives such as Digital India, Make in India and Smart Cities, the nation is undergoing digitalisation at a rapid pace that is leaving more developed nations behind. The infrastructure for connectivity is already in place, and with automation also penetrating the market further, the Indian ecosystem is primed and ready for the Industry 4.0 movement.

This is where Bosch envisions the perfect fit for the manufacturing space and I4.0 initiatives. Since there are multiple areas to boost manufacturing and the supply chain behind the scenes, we believe that Bosch is best placed to make the best of both worlds. With our rich history of manufacturing heritage behind us, we know what it takes to deliver the highest quality, agility, connectivity and productivity to improve our solutions.

We have the facilities to implement the most fit-for-future solutions, the skills to develop these solutions in-house, and the expertise to share the most successful solutions with our partners and customers to help them achieve higher rates of production and productivity. This is what we call the dual-strategy of building solutions for our own processes, mastering them and then sharing them with the manufacturing community.

Becoming a leading user and provider at Bosch

PictographThe business opportunity here is immense – to the tune of $3 billion by 2020 – but more than that, it is the ability to make an impact in diverse sub-domains such as industry, cities, mobility, healthcare, retail and many more that encourages us to continue down this path of building smart manufacturing solutions for ourselves and our partner/customer ecosystem. Our 18 plants across India are the best testing grounds for us to implement some of our most innovative solutions. These solutions are developed in-house by teams specialising in logistics, Big Data, research, hardware and more, and then successfully perfected at each Bosch plant with its unique set of requirements.

More than 100 such connected projects have been successfully implemented already and we are very excited to get some of these solutions into the hands of more partners and customers across the world. Some of the standout connected industry projects are as follows:
Several of these projects and solutions are already being successfully used in Italy and China. These are just a few of the key smart manufacturing projects being run here at Bosch at the moment. Each of these are targeted to enhance connected industry competency for future success. Another key component of this dual-strategy is preparing the workforce with the skills needed to succeed in the I4.0 era. For this we have the Industry 4.0 Academy which provides hands-on experience of I4.0 solutions at Bosch plants. It is geared towards skill upgradation in the area of IoT and I4.0 and it functions with the distinct aim of creating industry leaders in the space. The Academy has successfully collaborated with CII, IMTEX and IISC and has completed 10 batches so far across 3 centres in India.

With all these I4.0 initiatives, Bosch recognises that people and partnerships are going to play a decisive role in this process. We are uniquely placed in this matter and have the advantage of developing solutions for our plants in India, and then sharing them with other industries and countries. This dual-strategy of being a leading user and provider of I4.0 solutions holds immense promise for the future. The factories of the future will function on connectivity, data analytics, autonomous systems and AI – and Bosch is at the forefront of these trends to make these factories of the future a reality.

About the author

Dr. Andreas Wolf

Dr. Andreas Wolf

Joint Managing Director, Bosch Ltd., India
Dr. Andreas Wolf, is the joint managing director, Bosch Limited. He is currently responsible for the Group’s manufacturing and environmental sustainable activities in India. Dr. Wolf started his career in Bosch as process engineer in Corporate Research and Development. Over the past 25 years, he has worked in several management positions mainly in manufacturing, quality, safety, project management and corporate functions as well. He has varied experience spanning across units, such as corporate research and development, diesel systems, gasoline systems, special machinery and drive and control systems. Born in 1962, Dr. Wolf holds a mechanical engineering degree and is a PhD holder from Technical University Dresden.

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