Fresh pleated uniforms, and new books. A flash back to her past – she remembered the last time she was in school. She had just finished Grade 12 and knew that she couldn’t afford to study more. Now, Maya was exhilarated. She was at the Training Centre, her first day had begun marking the start of her journey.

A conundrum of parallelly aligned universes, India has and is a hub of booming activity largely complemented by its abundant resources. Inconsistencies in the ratio of human resources however have had dire consequences where the number of unemployed individuals has become a real concern. Programmes like BVC, BRIDGE, Train the Trainer and Mobile Science Lab have helped to bridge the gap between individuals that need to be equipped with the right skills and organisations that want skilled individuals.

PictographBosch is already engaged in skilling the country’s youth in two major ways: through the long-term, career-oriented vocational training at the Bosch Vocational Centre and through short-term job-oriented vocational training program, BRIDGE. Bosch’s Response to India’s Development and Growth through Employability Enhancement or BRIDGE is a short-term, job-oriented training exclusively for school dropout youth in the NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) category. So far, 7,500 underprivileged youth have been trained and placed through this program as part of the CSR agenda of Bosch Limited.

The BRIDGE programme has delivered consistently in terms of growth of skilled individuals. Rupesh, a beneficiary of the training programme, was a state level boxer who dropped out of the game because Pictograph of an injury. It was challenging for him to find employment thereafter. Looking to pick himself up from a difficult time in his life, he joined the BRIDGE programme. In addition to the training he was receiving, the trainers integrated various tasks into his learning, keeping his interests in mind.

Maya, also a trainee at the BRIDGE programme, went through intense practical learning through many activities like mock interviews, icebreakers, and visits to retail outlets. This prepared her to take on tasks with increased confidence and build strong ties with the people she interacted with.

Training opens employees to a new world of understanding by not only providing or reinforcing knowledge, but also instilling a sense of confidence in them to perform better and in the right way. While exposed to new ideas and methodologies, trainees then tend to eliminate assumptions and work toward the status quo.

PictographThe BRIDGE programme is not like any other training programme. For Rupesh and Maya, who successfully completed the programme, it wasn’t just what they were able to do, but what more they could do. Rupesh was placed with the Walzade Health Club. He now earns Rs. 10,000 and has found his second calling as an Instructor. Maya works as a Computer Operator and also earns a substantial monthly salary. Anticipating the necessity of safety, especially for its women pupils, the BRIDGE programme helped Maya and others secure jobs with day shifts.

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