How Bosch’s Digital Vision Encourages Nationwide Transformation

One of Bosch’s key motivations is to constantly fascinate its users with affordable solutions for a better life. For a country as vast as India, this often translates into providing artisans and small-time contractors with the best power tools to go about their daily lives. We gain reassurance knowing that helping this category of users not only helps improve their daily lives since they are dependent on completing daily jobs to earn wages, but it also helps create the best power tools for our bigger enterprise customers who leverage these tools to improve the country’s infrastructure.

Pictograph We launched the Power Tools division in India in 1993, and have come a long way since then. Today we have developed a product range, built a deep partner network, established a reach in several market groups and consolidated all products under the single ‘Bosch’ brand. While our intrinsic aim of bettering the lives of artisans and tradesmen remains the same, we are also now adopting digital methodologies to transform our product range, reach and engagement with all of our users.

For the power tools division, this translates into very different solutions from the rest of the organization. Most users operate out of areas where digital connectivity may not be the best; in some cases users don’t have smartphones or tablets either. This leaves us with an exciting challenge to overcome – offer digital solutions to users who may not have connectivity. Other demands such as affordability, durability, customer service and endurance of course remain the same, but in terms of digital solutions it is really up to us to chart the way ahead.

Understanding the problems of tradesmen.

This is a complicated market segment to operate in. From the point of view of the tradesmen, there are several challenges that exist here such as:

  • Am I buying an original Bosch tool?
  • I lost my warranty card
  • I want all product information immediately
  • How do I extend my warranty?
  • I want to be part of all Bosch promotions

However, overcoming these issues is not as simple as it seems. Unskilled laborers are hard to manage and share information with, and several trainings rarely get any results. Moreover, if a problem arises, the users always blame the manufacturer and expect immediate repair/replacement which may not always be feasible. All of these issues are also tied together by the paramount issue of SAFETY – if Bosch tools are not safe, then no users will ever be happy with them.

Chasing the digital solution

Thus the question that needs to be answered here is – How can Bosch connect its users, dealers, and Bosch products in a common setup and digital solution that solves all these problems? In line with this, there are several digital solutions that we have been developing and implementing to keep pace with digitization trends across the enterprise. A few highlights from such projects are:

PictographMy Bosch Rewards – This is a special app-based loyalty program that has been designed for users of Bosch power tools. Built on a scalable IT backbone, it gives buyers the ability to collect points and redeem them for rewards, thus building a long-term relationship with Bosch.

PictographMBB(MY BOSCH BUDDY) – a platform which eases business for dealers and helps our sales force to get an update on the dealers’ performance and receivables at their fingertips.

In this manner, Bosch is integrating digitization across several aspects of its processes to provide visibility and convenience that were previously lacking. It helps solve long-standing issues of endurance, durability, service and safety that the power tools Pictographindustry has been struggling with for years.

This transformation also falls in line with Bosch’s overall transformation into an IoT services provider. We understand that this transformation begins at the grassroots level for tradesmen and are thus employing all resources to reduce the distance to users, and also aid India’s infrastructure investment.

About the author

Panish PK

Panish PK

Regional Sales Director, Bosch Power Tools for India & SAARC
Panish leads Bosch’s Power Tool division and takes care of growth across multiple channels for the entire portfolio of power tools, accessories and services business. His long term focus will encompass deeper penetration of the brand through channel expansion and focused sub dealer programmes in tier 3 & 4 cities. He will also focus on widening the power tool accessories and measuring tools product portfolio besides strengthening the services network.
With an Engineering Degree from Bangalore University and a Post Graduate Degree in Management from IIM Calcutta, Panish oversees sales of Power Tool products in India & SAARC. Additionally, his vision for the organization is to get closer to the customers by providing compelling value proposition and customized solutions for both the markets.

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