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How many more miles can I go before I run out of fuel? Is there traffic ahead? I wonder how I can retrace my way back to that old cake shop we found two days ago? Does my car need servicing? What needs to be fixed? Can I pick up my car now? – Questions like these don’t need to be rhetorical anymore. Bosch’s Connected Services has all the answers you’re looking for.

PictographIt is as straightforward as it seems – your car can now give you real-time information on its whereabouts and even send you alerts when it’s time to give it some proper care. In short, Bosch has just made your car intelligent. Having kicked off in Germany in 2013, Connected Services aims to develop solutions for the mobility of the future.

Launching the project in multiple regions, the India chapter was scheduled to offer solutions for Connected Vehicle and Connected Workshop. Brijesh Suresh, responsible for Connected Services was deputed to understand the market needs and deliver local, customized end-to-end solutions. A study in collaboration with a global research and consulting organization was conducted to understand the market sentiments and identify customer needs. The study indicated that the awareness of telematics and connected solutions was high in the Commercial Vehicle (CV) segment along with passenger vehicle fleets and for warranty insurance companies. However, existing solutions in Germany were not compatible with the Indian market and hence the need for complete localization of the solution.

Pictograph“We faced many challenges initially – IoT was new to the market, existing global solutions couldn’t be adopted here, and we could not outsource it to external agencies as Bosch has strict quality, safety and security requirements. And so, we decided to pool in existing experts from Bosch to assemble a cross-functional team equipped to deliver. A core team of three was formed, apart from sourcing help from around 30 other members across purchasing, quality, manufacturing, engineering, IT, controlling, after sales service, marketing and sales to provide the Indian solution to the Indian market” says Brijesh.

Connected vehicles – know your car in real-time

In February 2017, Bosch India launched the Connected Vehicle solution for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicle fleets. The product allows the owner to track, trace, geofence and get custom alerts in case of any deviations. It is connected directly to the vehicle’s battery and does not rely on emission norms and therefore all vehicles under BS II, BS III and BS IV can also reap the benefit of this solution. In addition to the device, Bosch provides external interfaces, such as the panic button and fuel sensor to offer an integrated connected solution. You will now have answers to questions regarding your car’s health, safety and comfort of your passengers at the tip of your fingers.

Connected workshops – for transparent and smart servicing

PictographKnowing when to get your car serviced and what to get fixed, is one step. Connected Workshop solutions from Bosch helps with the entire ecosystem of repair information. The solution provides an integrated IT system allowing vehicle data to be successfully exchanged with the service center. Once in the center, cars are scanned for visual damages and required repairs. Post the scan, vehicle timelines, technician details, bay status and more information is made readily available. That means, you’ll know exactly what stage of service your car is at on a real-time basis.

Pictograph“Moreover, every time your car needs to be serviced, you can book an appointment through your phone and your service center is notified ensuring they get plenty of time to prepare for the arrival of your car. You can make online payments and make the entire process transparent and efficient. Connected workshop is intelligent, saves time, effort and reduces errors” added Brijesh.

Brijesh and his team are currently working on new technologies that involve accessing vehicle data directly from various electronic control units (ECU) and providing innovative use cases like driver behavior, accident notification, and emergency calls to name a few. Their operations are run out of Bosch’s Adugodi facility in Bengaluru. In a short span of one year, Brijesh and his team rolled out customized connected services to the Indian market and he has plans for more – “Our focus is to continue to deliver solutions to Bosch customers, which caters to the need of every vehicle on Indian roads. We want to ensure that both the vehicle as well as the environment is safer, more convenient, and more efficient through connectivity”, he concludes.

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Navin Paul

Navin Paul

Executive vice-president, Mobility Solutions sales and marketing, Bosch India
Mr. Navin Paul joined Bosch India in 1995 and assumed his current role as executive vice-president, Mobility Solutions sales and marketing, Bosch India, since April 2009. Prior to joining Bosch he had a consolidated work experience of 16 years spanning various Auto OEMs.

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